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Cooling Services

Cooling Services in Black Eagle, MT

In Montana, we’re no stranger to beautiful and sunny summer weather. But once the scorching temperatures arrive in June and July, having a working cooling system is essential. The costs of cooling your home or commercial property can get expensive. At Northern Heating & Cooling, we work closely with homeowners and business owners throughout Black Eagle, MT, to help them stay cool and comfortable during the summer.

Whether you need air conditioning repair, maintenance, or a new system altogether, we can help. We’re bonded, certified, and we will always treat your home or commercial property with the utmost care.

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Installation, Repairs, Maintenance, Inspections, & More

At Northern Heating & Cooling, we perform full-service A/C maintenance, repairs, and installation. A lot of homeowners and business owners will be surprised to discover that adding air conditioning to their existing heating system can actually be a cost-effective move. We use appliances innovated by top brands like GeoComfort® and Goodman®. Our goal is to make sure your cooling system can work to its full potential without racking up your energy bills. We provide air conditioning repair, maintenance, installation, and inspections on the following systems:

  • Central air conditioners
  • Ductless mini-split air conditioners
  • Traditional heat pumps
  • Portable units
  • Thermostats, vents, & ducts
  • PTAC units
Northern Heating & Cooling Commercial Services in Black Eagle, MT
Upgrading your air conditioning system may seem like a hefty investment. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to have a cost-effective and energy-efficient system nowadays. Our team will help you understand your options and choose a system that works best for your home or commercial property. We also provide supplementary services to help get the most out of your cooling system.

State-of-the-Art Geothermal Cooling Services in Great Falls, MT

Having an air conditioner may not seem energy-efficient, but with geothermal cooling, it’s possible to save on your monthly energy bills and stay comfortable during the summer. At Northern Heating & Cooling, we provide geothermal heating and cooling services throughout the Great Falls region. Our geothermal systems are built to endure the coldest winters and hottest summers. Investing in this type of renewable energy system helps our customers save more money on their energy bills while being environmentally-friendly in the process.

Awarded ClimateMaster for Geothermal by Climate Master
Geothermal Services in Black Eagle, MT
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